The Rev. John G. Wallace

Rector of Apostles By-The-Sea; Rosemary Beach, FL
Ordained a deacon in 2006
Ordained a priest in 2007
Married to Ashley since 1998
Father to Gray, Meg, William, and Elisabeth

It is a holy and weighty thing to serve the Church as a bishop, and I know that I can’t do it without God’s help. St. Paul talks about how we have this treasure in jars of clay. I feel the reality of that every time I approach the altar or stand in the pulpit. But I guess that’s the point. The ability to do ministry in the name of Jesus isn’t something that I, or anyone else, possesses on our own. That’s a power that comes only from God. Isn’t it wonderful that in his graciousness, he delights to use everyday, ordinary people like us in his holy work? How beautiful is that?

Livestreaming at Trinity Anglican Church in Thomasville, GA